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The frustration because of lack of command history in sqlplus (or RMAN) finally reached it’s limit. I just couldn’t stand it anymore so with help from google i found this post here which mentions rlwrap utility. rlwrap records history for all lines you enter into a specific program (in our case sqlplus).

To use rlwrap, you need to install readline libraries (below are the download links). First unpack readline and install it:

gunzip readline-6.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf readline-6.0.tar
cd readline-6.0
#to install to default directory
#or if you want to install to a specific directory, like your home, use this one
./configure --prefix=$HOME
make install

Then do the same with rlwrap.

gunzip rlwrap-0.32.tar.gz
tar -xvf rlwrap-0.32.tar
cd rlwrap-0.32
#to install to default directory
#or if you want to install to another directory, while $RLHOME is the path where you installed readline.
./configure --prefix=$HOME CFLAGS=-I$RLHOME/include  CPPFLAGS=-I$RLHOME/include LDFLAGS=-L$RLHOME/lib
make install

And launch sqlplus (or rman, or any other utility like this)

rlwrap sqlplus

Download rlwrap from here: http://utopia.knoware.nl/~hlub/uck/rlwrap/
And readline from here: http://tiswww.case.edu/php/chet/readline/rltop.html

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