Validate RMAN Backups

I just had a task to validate rman backup of a production database without actually having to restore it somewhere. Although i prefer to do something like clone the database from backup and see for myself if the instance will actually open and work, there is a way to do simple validation¬†from rman. RMAN allows … Read more

HS message to agent

This wait event is connected to heterogeneous services. Whenever we do something on a HS system from our Oracle session, we need to wait for remote system to do it’s work and produce a response. For Oracle it is an idle event as it’s not Oracle who does the work. However it should be remembered … Read more

Inner join updates

Here is how to do update of a table that needs to be joined with another table in MySQL, Oracle and SqlServer. Let’s say we want to give a 20% raise to sales department. Microsoft SQL Server: ORACLE: Be careful here to have a primary key set on Department.DepID. Otherwise you get an error ORA-01779 … Read more