Few discoveries

I was wrong. The Negliahn pod wasn’t broken, it was out of power. As it appears, they are solar-powered and i arrived there in the middle of the night. Peyiferen is the same, at night it would show few seconds of life and then shutdown due to lack of power. Dereno however doesn’t have that problem, being located on the far north of the age where it’s always day. The only exception is Tetsonot. It is located in pitch black, yet it has some power. The main switch can be turned on and there is some light, even if it’s flickering. One explenation could be that the panel is above the sea level or somewhere where sun can reach it and that the pod is cable connected with it.

All this pod traveling got me thinking about the sunset and sunrise on that age. Day cycles are obviously present and i heard one explorer say something about the fabulous dusk on Peyiferen. So i went on little exploring mission to see that. Here is what i found out. All info is based on observation and a map found in the museum.

  • The sun moves from west to east. Dawn first comes to Negliahn and a bit later to Peyiferen.
  • At Payiferen sun rises about 2 hours and 35 minutes before the appearance of the portal and can be cleary seen from it’s largest window which faces west. It’s one of the most fascinating things i’ve seen since i have steped into the cavern.
  • The sunset is exactly 6 hours and 19 minutes after the portal. Sun’s descent is blocked by a mountain but is nevertheless beautifull scenary. Pictures coming soon.

In the meentime, somebody made an online pod age calendar with day, and night changes and portal times. This made all mine observations pretty useless. Oh well, at least it was fun while it lasted. Here is the link.

I also started reading Book of Atrus. I think this is a good place to start with history of this place (those brief books of D’ni Kings don’t look that interesting). I can now see why rain is that special to Yeesha and the Cleft. Her father probably told her that story over and over while he was around. They both had a strange childhood.

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