Portals, activists and trivia

Yesterday was really interesting. I entered the portals located in the pods for the first time (one in Negliahn and one in Tetsonot wich only recently became public). Negliahn is located in a heavy jungle and swamp area with all different kinds of vegetation. Seems hard to spot all the animals through the windows.

Portal in NegliahnThe portal showed up right on time. First thought was that it would take me outside of the pod or perhaps to another pod. So i was a bit surprised when i ended inside a Bahro cave that (like all others) had a circle floating in the center. This one is divided into 4 slices, obviously each can be reached from one pod portal. I pressed the sign on the wall, jumped into the void and appered back at my Relto wich was now richer for one rotating pie slice.

Actually, Tetsonot pod made it quite clear that portal couldn’t lead out since it appears to be located in the middle of the ocean or a very deep lake. Going outside would be madness. And as that isn’t enough, the pod itself is broken. It has leaks all over and has power shortage. How could DRC declare it as safe and open it to public is beyond me. Perhaps they are hoping visitors will find a way to fix it.

Between portal jumping i was killing time doing marker missions for Great Zero calibration. I like doing this in public since it consists mostly of running and jumping around the city and this way i can see the public chat. At one point a girl appeared ( Syndey was the name, Sydney.. something ) calling people to a protest against DRC. They are saying that DRC is holding information on animal dissaperances in the pod age and apparently they have evidence (or even a snitch inside DRC). She didn’t say much so i won’t argue on all that. But she did say that they want to spam certain DRC members with KI messages. I’ll say, that must be the most terrible and ridicilous way of protesting. All they’ll achive is show how activists do not think before they act in most childish possible way. I told her that and suggested better way of getting DRC’s attention, but she wouldn’t listen. Typical loud activist only looking for a fight and someone to blame. I was even thinking of going to the protest just to hear what they had to say but i can’t make it. Perhaps that’s for the best, things are getting a bit too political around here.

Portal in NegliahnTo complete yesterday’s visit to the Cavern i went to one Bevin that i was invited in few days before. People gather on Sunday 9pm GMT ( 1pm Cavern Time ). I was a bit late and when i arrived they were already playing trivia. Soon there were about 30 people, some just as spectators and some that joined two oposing teams. It was really fun playing with them. Plus, our team won by one point and they were all eager to help me explore Delin age and press all those tapiseries there.

I guess i’ll drop by to visit them again next Sunday. For now it’s back to usual work and perhaps some marker hunting if i find the time for it.

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