Inner join updates

Here is how to do update of a table that needs to be joined with another table in MySQL, Oracle and SqlServer. Let’s say we want to give a 20% raise to sales department. Microsoft SQL Server: ORACLE: Be careful here to have a primary key set on Department.DepID. Otherwise you get an error ORA-01779 … Read more

Few discoveries

I was wrong. The Negliahn pod wasn’t broken, it was out of power. As it appears, they are solar-powered and i arrived there in the middle of the night. Peyiferen is the same, at night it would show few seconds of life and then shutdown due to lack of power. Dereno however doesn’t have that … Read more

Negilahn out of order?

This morning i woke up a bit early and decided to visit the pod ages and take a few pictures of the outside. First one i went to was Negilahn, as jungle it should have largest spectrum of life dwelling there (in contrary to the desert of Payiferen or ice wasteland of Dereno). But to my suprise, few seconds after hitting the main power switch everything had shut down. So tried switched it on again for a few times but it just would not stay online for more than 10 seconds. Day before yesterday everything was working fine. Did something happen in the meantime? There is a pretty large crack in the roof of the pod (see the pictures below) making it open to the outside. All kinds of bizzare animals that live here could have entered it and mess with the controls. Or it could just be the morning (or evening, i was too tired to calculate what time it is there) moisture that made the power act wierd.

That’s one more that goes against DRC. It’s not as bad as Tetsonot but they sould have closed the crack before allowing explorers to visit. Or at least put a safty net to keep the animals out.

Here are the pictures i took these days:

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Portals, activists and trivia

Yesterday was really interesting. I entered the portals located in the pods for the first time (one in Negliahn and one in Tetsonot wich only recently became public). Negliahn is located in a heavy jungle and swamp area with all different kinds of vegetation. Seems hard to spot all the animals through the windows. The … Read more